Saturday, January 26, 2013

Screener, Avid Issues & Friends

Today started with podcasting.. I have a ton of podcasts that I need to get edited and out. I have fallen a bit behind due to this new job and just trying to rearrange my free time. So I was up early 7am. I swore I wasn't going to watch any TV or jump on LOTRO until I got some of these podcasts done. I have to finish a MASH 4077 podcast, Confessions of a Fanboy podcast, Alien Nation podcast, My Gimpy Life podcast and a Knights of the Guild podcast.

I started with my MASH 4077 podcast as that podcast has been released on time since we started almost two years ago. My others can vary though I do try and release on a regular schedule. As I am an avid podcast listener as well and enjoy when my podcasts come out on a regular bases.

I worked on MASH for about two hours and then had to get dressed and head over to UPS to pick up a package that I had to sign for so it couldn't be left at my house. The closest distribution to my place is in Sylmar, which is about 40 miles south. So I made the trek down there. I didn't have a clue what was sent to me. When I got there an editor friend of mine was there as well and said "Oh you're here for the Life of Pi screener as well" And sure enough I opened the package and there it was. I've never gotten a screener so late in the award season. I mean the PGA Awards (which I vote for) were going to happen the next day and I had already voted a month prior. Now I'm not complaining about getting the screener as this was one of those movies that I was hoping to see. It's just unfortunate that it came so late.

Before I left for UPS I started to upload the MASH episode that I needed for the podcast I was working on. It can take a few hours to upload so I figured by the time I was home the upload should be done. Well when I got home I noticed a error on my screen. The upload didn't work and I had to start over again. Now when I upload I can't do anything else on the computer so I started the upload again and had a few hours to kill while it uploaded. Though I swore I wouldn't watch TV there really wasn't anything else I could do so I popped on the TV and watched some recorded shows off my DVR.

Two hours later the upload finishes and guess what.. my Avid crashes and I lose everything.. again. I normally upload video and audio of the episodes though I only use the audio.. I like having a visual reference. Well screw that I stripped away the video and started to upload only the audio. Now this only takes about 15 minutes which is much better then 2 hours.

I continue my work on the MASH podcast.. it's now 3pm and I have dinner plans at 5 which means I have to leave my house at 4. For the next hour my avid gave me nothing but problems. It was a very slow process and by the time 4 came around I was about 2/3'ds of the way done. So much for flying through these podcasts.

I went over to my friends John and Moises house for dinner. Joining them were the usual bunch. Tom and Ervin, Bruce, Martin and of course me. They've had this dinner party for years. I don't get to see these guys as much as I use to and I miss that. I don't know why we don't hang out more but I need to make a bigger effort in seeing these guys more. It was a great night of friends, laughs and great food. I hope to see these guys again soon.

I got home a little after 10pm and was determined to get at least one podcast edited today. So I spent the next 2 hours finishing up my MASH 4077 podcast.

Though I had big plans today for podcasting.. with all the techy issues I only mange to get one done. Oh well I guess it's better then nothing.

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