Sunday, January 27, 2013

Podcasts and Family

Since I didn't get much podcasting done yesterday I was up once again fairly early at 7am. With MASH 4077 finally done and upload I moved onto my next podcast My Gimpy Life. I chose this one next as it's really quick and easy... I hope.

I strung it out.. added a few bells and whistles and though I'm still having avid issues I manage to get this podcast done in an hour. Next was a Knights of the Guild podcast. I'm a week or two behind with this podcast and I really want to get a new episode out ASAP. So I opened Avid and realized that I haven't imported any of the Season six audio (which is what I need to start editing with) and there is a lot. I spent about an hour uploading a ton of audio to the Avid. By the time it was done I had to get ready to head out to my brothers.. was going to be visiting family. I haven't seen them since before Christmas.. which is way to long.

It was a nice visit, I got to have lunch with my Dad, then hang with my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew before heading upstairs to watch several episodes of Alien Nation and then record two podcasts with my brother. Alien Nation already had missed a month (January) and I didn't want to miss another one. The podcasts are gonna be two of our best. My brother and I really click anyways when we podcast but these two episodes we did so even more. It was alot of fun.

Finally got home around 10:30pm and was spent. I tried to work on my KOTG podcast but avid insisted on being a pain in the butt, so instead I jumped on LOTRO and played a bit to unwind.

So out of the five podcasts that I wanted to get done this weekend I manage to get only two. Hopefully I won't be too tired after work this coming week to finish the rest.

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