Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Felicia Day on Supernatural

So I finally had some free time and watched my friend Felicia in the latest episode of Supernatural. She appeared last season as Charlie and won over everyone so they asked her back for another episode.

I watched the first season of Supernatural but haven't seen it since. Lucky for me the Felicia stories tend to be stand alone episodes and you really don't need to know to much background on the on going story.

Again with this episode you didn't have to know much of the on going story, which is great. This episode is called LARPing and the Real Girl. The boys investigate some mysterious deaths, which leads them to a LARPing community and guess who is their Queen.. yep, the real Queen of geek Felicia Day. I have always wanted to LARP and will one of these days. But it was a fun look into this world. It was awesome seeing Dean go all geek and really get into the LARPing. Felicia's character of Charlie was just as great as she was in the first time. She's the perfect geek and very likable, as are most of Felicia's characters. I heard a rumor that she'll be coming back for a third time later this season.. I can't wait. Great job Felicia!!!

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