Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Car

Well the day is finally here... I'm getting my new car. This will be the first time that I purchased a brand new car. All my cars in the past were used and at least over five years old. I called my buddy Stephen up, he use to be my boss at High Noon and while I was working there he said if I ever went out to buy a new car (I was talking about it even back then) that he wanted to go with me as he's awesome at haggling. Since I am a sucker I knew I would need his help.

We meet up at Galpin Ford around 2:15pm. Stephen brought his brother Scott along to help out as well. So we went right to the Ford Fiesta and found the ones I saw online. I liked the lime squeeze color but wanted to see it in person. When I saw it I knew it was the color for me. But I did go and check out the Ruby Red as planned but it was more Red then Burgundy and I didn't like it much. As we were outside.. salesman Eric approached asked if he could help us. We told him I was there to buy a car, I showed him the one I liked, it had a moon/sun roof, which I did not expect to get. It was an extra $750 but I've always wanted a moon/sun roof and I figured if I'm spending this much money for a new car I might as well get everything I want.

The car was sitting outside in front of the lobby area,  I loved the color, and it had everything I wanted and more so all that was left was the test drive. We went to start it up and the battery was dead, which I guess is common since these cars can sit for months without starting. So we quickly gave it a jump and we were on our way. After driving a Jeep Wrangler for 10 years anything would be better and I loved it.

So I got back to the dealer and we started the negotiations. First of all my friend Joyce mentioned that her father worked for Ford and is no retired but he gets an employee discount for friends and family and that she would contact him to see if he could get me a discount. This was a few days ago and I spoke with Art (Joyce's Dad) and sure enough he got me a X-Plan discount. So haggling on the price wasn't going to be happening. It's a set price, no more and no less... but even thought that was set there were plenty of other things to haggle. 

I'm not going into great details about my deal.. but here are some highlights; The X-Plan discount wasn't as much as I was hoping, as the Fiesta doesn't have a large mark up, I got about $400 off, which is better then nothing and I'm very thankful to Joyce, Art and Bobbi. The base price of the Fiesta is about $16,200 and I got a few add on's, like automatic transmission, and power moon/sun roof. I also got Equipment Group 201A which included SE appearance package, 15" Aluminum wheels, Ambient interior lighting, Sirus Satellite Radio, and Leather wrapped steering wheel. These additions cost an additional $3000.  It also came with keyless entry and Lojack (really didn't have a choice on getting these since they were part of the car. So that was an additional $1000.  I also have Ford Sync.. Needless to say that the price went higher and higher.

I found out that my FICO credit score was 856, my jaw dropped when I saw that.. I knew I had good credit but I didn't realized how good it was. They said that, that was the highest they seen a while. They did offered me 0% financing and at first I was going to take it, but they were also offering $1500 cash back and if you did the math it turns out that I'll be paying less a month with the 2.99% financial charge. As the $1500 actually covers the money I'll be paying in finance charge.

I was hoping to get my payments down below $300 a month. After all was said and done I did 60 months (5 years) at 2.99% with $3000 down and a rebate of $1500 so my payments were at $321 a month which is a bit higher then I wanted but I did get everything I wanted, including the sun/moon roof which really put me over. I was happy with the payment amount and agreed to the deal.

Next was the fiance paperwork guy. Stephen and his brother went out to grab some food (we had been there for over three hours). I sat down with a very nice guy and started signing my life away. There were two more plans that they wanted to offer me. One was 5 years of maintenance on the vehicle and the other was an extended bumper to bumper warranty. I already had a three year bumper to bumper warranty included in the price, but I really wanted to get the full 5 years 100,000 miles warranty. So I bit the bullet and added an additional $1300 to my total which pushed up my monthly payments to $352 month. As I mentioned it's a bit more then I wanted to pay but I am extremely happy with the final result and with the car. I signed the paperwork and the deal was done.

I asked if my buddy Stephen would drive me back to Enterprise rental car in Santa Clarita so I could drop off the car. The place was closed and also closed on Sunday but I'd just leave the car there and then go in Monday AM and close it out. So he was nice enough to help me out. About an hour and half later (we also grabbed some dinner), we made it back to the dealer where Stephen dropped me off. Before we parted ways I was talking names for my car, first one that popped in my head was "Yoda" but then seeing the color in person, "Kermit" also came to mind. Stephen's suggestion was Jose Cuervo because it's a Fiesta and the color is called lime squeeze.. I mean it's a very clever name but I'm a geek so I think I'm going to go with Yoda but I'll put the question up on twitter and see what my friends think.. I'm leaning toward Yoda.

I made my way back to Eric's office where he called to have my car brought around. Eric went over things in the car with me and a half hour later I was speeding along the freeway heading home in my new 2013 Ford Fiesta.

I want to thank Stephen and Scott for coming with me and helping negotiate the best possible deal I could get. Overall it was a pretty okay experience.


  1. Congratulations on getting the Ford Fiesta! Even though you spent a little more than your budget, it was well worth it as long as you’re happy with it. Have the car checked every month so you can avoid unnecessary inconveniences even if you have the full 5 years coverage for the car.

    Jack Chapman

  2. Congratulations! I love the color! I bet you’ll be having a lot of great times with this car. I bought a new one too. It’s a second hand Ford Focus 2011 model. :D Named her Peach because of the color. I’m a geek as well, but I would prefer Kermit as I highly respect master Yoda. :D But that’s just me.

    - Maria

  3. That’s a great-looking car! I think everything you went through was definitely worth it. I’m sorry you couldn’t get a better price for it though. I know how important it is for everyone to be able to save money when they can. I really like that color, by the way. It’s not very common to see a car with that finish on the road.