Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lazy Sunday

The day started with me wanting to get a ton of podcasting done, but I was having issues with Avid so I used that excuse to not do any podcasting. Instead I went for a joy ride with my new car. It was a beautiful day and kind of warm so I opened the sunroof and drove down Sierra Highway. It's kind of odd driving a different car after driving the same one for over 10 years, but knowing that I won't be having any issue with this vehicle for a long while (well I hope that's true) is a very comforting feeling. Made it to Santa Clarita, I stopped by Target to get some cool car accessories, like my ipod connector so I could listen to my ipod via my car speakers. It's funny as when I went to park I park so far away that there were no cars around me. I did the same when I went to lunch at Chili's. I made sure I was so far from any other car. I know that won't always be possible but for now it makes me happy.

Got back home and turned on the TV. Now it's Super Bowl Sunday but me noting being a huge sports person decided to not watch and flip through the channels where I found that BBC America was having a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon and playing was one of my favorites The Inner Light, and the next two episodes were Time's Arrow part 1 and 2, again some of my favorites so I settled in for a few evening of Trek.

I did hope to get some podcasting down but in the end I decided to just kick back and have a day of laziness and it was awesome.

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