Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Buffy and Bros

Tonight after work I headed over to Robert's place to continue our Buffy rewatch/1st time viewing. We ordered some pizza for dinner. It's been a few weeks since our last Buffy viewing party. As always it was great seeing Robert, though we talk everyday via texting or facebook messaging, it's not the same as seeing the person face to face.

We start season four today of Buffy. First up was "The Freshman", it was an good start to the season. This was Buffy's first day of collage and I think they conveyed what it was like the first day of collage. It also showed Buffy second guessing herself when it came to killing vampires but by the end the good ol' Buffy is back.

Our second episode was "Living Conditions". This is the one with Buffy's roommate who we come to find out is a demon from another dimension going to collage in ours. She is also sucking Buffy's soul out little by little causing Buffy to kind of go crazy. It was a fun episode, nothing to special but at least we get rid of Buffy's crazy roommate.

For our third and final episode of the evening we watched "The Harsh Light of Day" This was a fun episode and I know Robert really like it as it had one of his favorite character's return.. Spike. It was good to see Spike back and once again Buffy kicking his butt as she normally does.

I forgot that season four got off to a rather slow start. The main story arc of the season hasn't even begun yet. I have to admit that season four is probably my least favorite season but it does have one of the most incredible episodes in it.. "Hush". 

Having a great time rewatching Buffy with one of my besties.

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