Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Night Hangout & Computer Woes

After work I got home and jumped online as my buddy Chris was hosting a Google Hangout. He did one of these last week and it was a huge success. I've tried Google hangout once or twice at home and my internet is so slow that it never works.. well Google hangout added a low bandwidth selection for their hang out so I gave that a try and it worked out great. When I joined there was Jen, Chris and Hollywood (Scott). Rupert, Kim and Anne joined in afterwards. Everything was going great.. we were chatting and laughing and watching Kim on her loom. Then my internet went out and it was down hill from there.

I restarted my computer and I was getting start up errors. It took three restarts to finally get the computer back up and somewhat running. I ran Norton over and over and it didn't find anything major, but I was still having issues. I gave up on trying to rejoin the Google hangout, which is disappointing as it went to about 1am.

My hard drive died the Monday before and now my computer is having issues. I think it's time to do a complete wipe and reload of everything. Just need to get a large enough hard drive to back everything up onto it.

I'll deal with that this weekend.

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