Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

After checking out the apartment my friend Jes texted me and asked if I wanted to have lunch and hang out. I went over to her place and we walked to a place called EAT. I had never been there before but it was a nice place. She then took me to the local comic book store (which will be my comic book store if I get this apartment). The place was nice and the store owner seemed to be cool. Afterwards we went back to her place and we talked about Frozen and watched the scene were Elsa sings Let it Go. We watched it a few times :) This got me thinking about the sound track so I went online to itunes and saw that it was on sale for only $6.99.. I had to buy it.

I said goodbye to Jes around 3:30pm and headed over to Roberts to celebrate New Year's Eve. I got to his place around 4pm to find that Tamar already arrived. The three of us planned to watch some movies, play some games and bring in the New Year together.

We sat around chatting for a bit before we decided to go grab a bit to eat at the local Taco Bell.

Once we got back we were going to watch one of my screeners and of course it was Frozen. This would be my third time watching it, Tamar's second and the main reason we were watching it, it was Robert's first time. Robert loved it as I knew he would, our taste in movies are pretty similar.

After the movie we played a new board game that I had gotten Robert for Christmas "Ticket to Ride". If you haven't played this game it's a ton of fun. This was Robert and Tamar's first time playing it.

We were all a bit peckish so we walked to a local Yum Yum Donuts for a snack. When we got back to Roberts place we jumped onto a Google Hangout with a bunch of friends. We chatted until about 11:45pm before getting offline and turning on the TV to watch the ball drop. We counted down from 10, said Happy New Years and then called it a night. Tamar headed home and I crashed at Robert's.

It was a pretty awesome way to end 2013. Saw an apartment that I love and hopefully will get, got to spend some time with some amazing friends and had a nice simply New Years Eve celebration.. just what I was hoping for.

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