Sunday, December 29, 2013

CVS Scare, Apartment Hunt & Lunch with a Friend

Woke up at my friend Robert's place today. I crashed here last night as I'm continuing my apartment search and he's lives a bit closer to North Hollywood then my brother.

So I got up and Robert had made some tasty breakfast. Afterwards we played some Injustice for a few hours before I had to head out.

Before I started the apartment search I had to deal with an issue with CVS. A few weeks ago I got a prescription filled and a few days ago I went to take a pill and noticed that the pills looked different. This isn't unusual as the pharmacy has changed manufacturers in the past but when they had they would tell me, it would also be written on the prescription slip and the description on the pill bottle would reflect that. Well none of that was true in this case. The description was what my old pills looked like so I didn't take any of them and had to return to the CVS that filled the prescription, so that meant driving back up to Santa Clarita.

I got to CVS and took the pills in and explained that I wanted to double check before taking them. The assistant took them over to the pharmacist and she looked at the pills, looked at the bottle, looked at the pills and then proceeded to go to every assistant in the office. She then went over to the counter and poured out the pills and replaced them with other pills. She walked over to me and in a kind of panic asked if I had taken any of the pills. I assured her that I did not. I looked at the pills and they were the previous pills I had taken. I asked if the other ones were wrong and she mumbled something and handed me the bottle and sent me on my way. No explanation of what they were, if they were harmful to me or an apology for the potentially deadly mistake.

I was surprised by the abruptness and tweeted about the experience using the official CVS twitter account.. let's see if that get's their attention

Afterwards and since I was out in the area I went to my storage unit to drop off a few Christmas presents and to make sure all was well.

I then drove south back to North Hollywood and once again drove around looking for apartments. There was one that I called and left a message with yesterday but the person never called me back so I called once again and this time the person picked up and I found out that this person is out of town for the holidays and will be back on Tuesday so I made an appointment to see the apartment on Tuesday at noon.

It was now lunch time so I texted my buddy Greg to see if he wanted to get lunch. Surprising he responded within a few minutes and was up for lunch. I haven't seen Greg since SDCC as he's an extremely busy guy. Greg is the guy who made my Hobbit feet (if you didn't know). He is also designing my next Tattoo (Star Trek themed).

So I stopped by his place and picked him up, we went to a local Mexican restaurant that he wanted to try. It actually turned out to be very tasty. We hung out and chatted for almost two hours. Because we don't hang out as often as I would like I do cherish the time we do get to spend together.

After I dropped off Greg I drove around a few more neighborhoods but didn't find anything that looked like it would work for me. I'm hoping the apartment I'm looking at on Tuesday works out as it sound perfect on paper.

Went back to my brothers and blogged a bit. I also went to and purchased 14 movies that were on my wishlist. Previously in the day when I was at CVS I cashed in my loose change from the past year.. I wound up with about $180 dollars and I opted to put that into an Amazon gift card. So it was fun getting all these movies that I have wanted and in a way it didn't cost me anything since this was all loose change I had.. at least that's how I will justify it. :)

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