Saturday, December 28, 2013

More Babylon 5 Goodness

So we continued our B5 first time viewing between games of Injustice. First up was S3 Ep 11 "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" After severing ties with Earth, the command staff must deal with some unexpected issues. Delenn suggests they go through a Minbari rebirth ceremony. Secrets are revealed, and hidden dangers are revealed as a group loyal to Clark takes Delenn hostage.

After the last episode things have gone upside down on B5. I like that Nightwatch has been rounded up and kicked off the station. Of course there are still a few lingering around and that is what this story is about. We also find out that there are still spies among the B5 staff.. that I'm sure will be played out in future episodes. I liked all of the crew confessions. Some were obvious but some took me by surprise. I like the new uniforms that Delenn made of the main crew. And the fact that Delenn sacrificed herself to save Sheridan, of course she didn't die but still that is going to play a major role in Sheridan's and Delenn's budding relationship.

Then came S3 Ep 12 "Sic Transit Vic" Vir returns to Babylon 5, and meets his fiancée'. As he and his bride to be get to know each other, a Narn attacks, and takes a blood oath to kill them. The command staff must figure out why someone would want to kill Vir.

This episode was all about Vir and that made it awesome. I've always liked Vir, I found him to be Londo's conscious. When they made him the Centari representative to Mimbar I figured they were scaling down his role so it was nice to see an entire episode about him. I also liked the b-story of Sheridan and Delenn finally going on an official date and Sheridan confessing his feelings for her.

Back to Vir I loved his reaction to having a "wife", and when he finally comes to grip that this could be a good thing, you find out how vial she is to Narn's. Of course you can't really blame her as she was raised this way and doesn't know any better. But with what Vir was doing (a kind of underground railroad for Narn citizens) I'm sure things are going to get heated between those two. I also did not like that we didn't see the conclusion of the scene with the unconscious Narn, did Vir kill him??  That really bothered me.

Third up was S3 Ep 13 "A Late Delivery From Avalon" An impressive man in medieval armor arrives on the station, claiming to be King Arthur. Is he the genuine hero, sent by the Vorlons? If not, who is he and what are his secrets?

This was an interesting episode. I figured that they guy was not the "real" King Arthur but to find out that he was the gunner who essentially started the Earth/Mimbari I liked his friendship with G'Kar. It was fun to see G'Kar's adventurous side. Overall a entertaining episode.

We then watched S3 Ep 14 "Ship of Tears" Bester arrives in a starfury. He wants their help in tracking down weapons, which turns out to be telepaths captured by the Shadows. They discover why the Shadows wanted telepaths for their war.

We have the return of Bester, they have really done some character development with him. I started out hating him and after a few episodes featuring him I'm starting to warm up to him. I'm not saying I would trust him but I like that he is not a black and white character and that he actually has a heart. We find out why the Narn's telepaths were wiped out. We also find out that telepaths are a threat to the Shadow.. I'm sure this will be played out in future episodes.

And finally our last episode of the evening was S3 Ep 15 "Interludes and Examinations" Garibaldi tries to get Franklin to face up to his stim usage. Londo waits anxiously for Adira to return. Morden returns first, and manipulates the situation to his advantage. The alliance asks Sheridan to prove he has forces equal to the Shadows before they will commit. Sheridan calls on Kosh for assistance, but Kosh is resistant at first, Kosh finally agrees to help Sheridan, and later pays the price for his involvement.

Wow what an episode to end on. The stuff with Garibaldi and Franklin was great. Not sure what's going to happen to Franklin, is he gone from B5 or will he seek help and return. I actually felt bad for Londo that Morden killed his love Adira, but then again it's karma.. Londo doesn't deserve to be happy and it was unfortunate for Adira to be caught in the middle of that mess.

The big shocker was the death of Kosh. I enjoyed the confrontation between Sheridan and Kosh and then Kosh coming to Sheridan in a dream to tell him he was wrong and say goodbye... so heart breaking.

This series continues to impress and entertain. I can't wait to continue our adventure through Babylon 5.

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  1. I missed Kosh. Kosh just wasn't the same as Kosh.