Monday, December 23, 2013

Family & Podcasts

Today I didn't do much, got up, played with my niece and nephew and finally caught up to date with my daily blog. I then went shopping for Christmas dinner with my dad and Kenobi. also picked up the last of my Christmas gifts.. or so I thought. After getting home I realized that I forgot to get the main gift I went out to get so I went back out and picked up my last Christmas gift.

Realized that it's almost January 1st and I have another MASH podcast due so I spent the next five hours on an off editing it. I still have one more to edit (January 15th) before we need to record some new ones.. which the hosts are in the process of setting up a time.

Podcasting has really taken a back seat the past six months or so. The only two that I'm really keeping up with are the MASH 4077 podcast and Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast. I haven't done a Knights of the Guild podcast since last summer. I did plan on ending the podcast but not like this. I still plan to have one final big finale podcast for KOTG. I think once I'm settled in my new place I'll be able to plan that. My Gimpy Life is coming back once they start airing Season two in the new year. Confessions of a Fanboy needs to be retooled. I released a handful of episodes but really didn't like the format. Still working on what I want to do with that podcast and my final podcast The Geek Roundtable, which I have been trying to get off the ground now for three years now is closer to a reality. Again once things settle down around here and I find a place to live I plan to attack that podcast full force.. I hope to get it's first episode out in the spring. So podcasting might be waning a bit but it's from from dead in my life... just taking a much needed breather.

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