Saturday, December 28, 2013

Trampoline Pt2, Apartment Hunting & Friends

I was up early and finishing the trampoline. It took another hour or so to get the safety net up and secured to the trampoline. Once it was done I was the first to test it and then my niece and nephew went crazy. It was fun watching them get so much joy out of it already. I'm sure they will have many years of entertainment with this thing.

Afterwards I headed to North Hollywood to look at some apartments that I found on Westside Rental. The first place I looked was right next door to the apartment that I had "gotten" last week.. it also said it was an upper unit but when I got there the lady started walking to a lower unit. Not only was a it a lower unit but it was on the main street with lots of street noise. The apartment itself was fantastic. Older but that means bigger rooms and if it was an upper unit as described I probably would have rented it, but it wasn't so I moved on.

The other place I was interested in was rented that morning so I missed out. The third place was in a more sketchy part of town so I passed and the final one that I wanted to look at, I called the number and left a message but the person never called me back.

While I was waiting for this guy to call me back my buddy Dallas texted me and asked if I wanted to do lunch since I was in the area. I said sure and he and Jes meet up with me at a local The Habit, it's a burger joint. It was nice having lunch with these guys. And by the end the guy still hadn't called me back so I said goodbye to Jes and Dallas and drove around the area to see if there were any other rentals... no luck.

It was getting late and instead of heading back to Riverside I headed over to Robert's place. We planned to hangout and then I'd crash at his place so I could continue my apartment hunting tomorrow and not have to drive as far.

Got to Robert's about 5pm, first thing we did was play some Injustice. After an hour of losing over and over again I had had enough. By this time food came and we switched over to watching some Babylon 5 while we ate. We watched a few episodes and then attempted to play some more Injustice but the result was the same. I won the first match but lost everyone after that. I know I suck at gaming as I just don't play that often but it's hard to lose over and over and over again.

We picked back up on Babylon 5 and watched an additional 3 episodes. I'll be giving my reviews of each episodes in my next blog.

Overall it was a productive day. I didn't find a place to live but I'm hoping this guys calls me back about the place I left a message at, as the apartment sounded very nice... and with any luck I'll find the right place before the end of 2013.

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