Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I was up at 6:30am ready to open presents but the kids didn't get up until 8am and they had to be woken up but Daddy. I guess they are a bit to young still, ages 2 & 4, to really understand that Santa was here and left them lots of gifts. Though Kenobi (the 4 year old) has come to me everyday telling me how many days are left until Christmas.

Anyways my brother woke them up around 8am and the kids were soon down going through their stockings. Afterwards we hit the presents. It took us about two hours to get through them all. Santa was very generous.

After presents Lora's family arrived to do their gift exchange while I jumped online to open gifts with my bestie Chris, who is currently in Kuwait. We did a google hang out and opened each other's gifts online. Chris chatted with my Dad, brother and various other folks who were mingling in the kitchen. Last year I was in Montana celebrating Christmas with him so it was nice that he was able to join me and my family this Christmas (virtually). I got to hang out with him for about an hour before he called it a night and I had to start making Christmas dinner.

All I had to prepare at the moment was the turkey, it takes 3 1/2 hours to cook and we wanted to eat by 4pm. So I buttered, salt and peppered the bird and with the help of my Dad I was able to get it in the cooking bag and in the oven.

My other bestie Robert arrived around 11am to spend Christmas with me and my family. It was great seeing him. He normally goes home for Christmas but this year he decided to not do any traveling so I invited to join me. We hung out, chatted and snacked on some tasty desserts.

Around 3pm I started making the rest of the Christmas dinner and by 4pm everything was ready to do. From everyone's comments I think dinner was a success. My main goal was to serve everything hot and I'm happy to say I succeeded.

After dinner some of Mike's friends showed up to do some gift exchanges while a few of use tried to watch one of my screeners.. Saving Mr. Banks. We did watch the entire thing but between the kids and the gift exchange it was next to impossible to hear the movie. It was one of the worst movie watching experiences I have ever had. So bad that I won't even review the movie until I can watch it again. But from what I saw and heard.. I enjoyed it. I look forward to watching it again soon.

After the movie Robert decided to head home as did all the other guests. I was up for a few more hours but was extremely tired and called it a night around 10pm.


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