Thursday, December 26, 2013

One Week Later...

So I have stayed with my brother and his family for a week now. I'm thankful that he is allowing me to stay here while I look for a new apartment but it's difficult living somewhere were you really don't have a space. I'm staying in his sport memorabilia room which is like a dining area as there is no door, but they did put up a sheet for some privacy.

It's hard living without my stuff. I brought a few things with me like my computer but it's still difficult not to have things when I need them. I'm also sleeping on a air mattress (thanks to my buddy Doug for loaning me his). And it actually hasn't been that bad but then again I've only been sleeping on it for a week so far.

I love my niece and nephew but OMG they are loud. I have an whole new respect not only for my brother and sister-in-law but for all parents of young kids. Maybe it's because I'm older and set in my ways but I have always wanted a child of my own but after just a week with these kids I'm don't think I could handle one. When I do adopt a child he'll be at least 6 years old if not older.

My plan is to only be here a few weeks and hopefully find a place by January 1st.

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