Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Possible Apartment

Had an appointment to see an apartment today at noon. This one looks perfect on paper but will see what it actually looks like inside.

I left my house at 10:45am and managed to get to the apartment at 11:57am. When I got to the front door the manager was there, greeted me and took me up to the apartment. First plus is that it is an upper unit and it's also in the back of the building. It's a small complex, there are only 7 units. What's great about the apartment is that there is only one joined wall and it's in the guest bedroom. Of course there is someone below me but that's it.. it's very secluded in the corner of the building.

I walked in and noticed that the living/dining room was fairly large and there was a fireplace as well. The kitchen was small but usable. The appliances are old but as long as they work I don't really care what they look like. There is a dishwasher, which is also a plus.

Both bedrooms were very large. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and a walk in closet. The guest bedroom is also just as large as the master with a wall closet that runs the width of the room. The second bathroom is just outside the guest bedroom and is in good shape.

It has central air, lots of light and is across the street from a park. So many pluses and honestly there were no negative. I mean it has carpet and I would have preferred hardwood or faux wood but I understand why it's carpet as it's reduces sound for the downstairs neighbor. And it's a bit of an older place.. but again it looks good.

I mentioned that the price is $1495 and the manager said.. well it's actually $1550 but since you saw the ad at the lower price the owners are going to honor that price... woohoo.

Oh and this place as two parking spaces for this apartment and they are included in the rental price :)

I had seen enough.. I wanted it. I started to fill out an application when another couple came in. They looked around and asked questions that I never thought to ask. After they were done they asked if there was another apartment in this building available since there seemed to be someone filling out an app (me). He said no but she jokenly said.. well I'll take an app just in case things don't work out. I looked up from the app and said.. yeah that's not gonna happen. Everyone laughed and they left the apartment. I finished the app, paid the $30 for the credit check and said I would be able to move in tomorrow (Jan 1st). He said he would expedite the application and let me know as soon as possible.. so now I wait.

I don't want to get my hopes up but I really want this place.. it's in the neighborhood that I want and it's better then the first place that I got a few weeks ago

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