Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Podcasts, Workouts and Beer

Today was all about editing podcasts. Since my trip is only a few weeks away and I'll be gone for a month I have to stockpile a few of my podcasts. Luckily for me Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast and Knights of the Guild podcast are currently on hiatus. Confessions of a Fanboy is being retooled and I have yet to get started on my new The Geek Roundtable Podcast so that leaves MASH 4077 Podcast (which is my most successful podcast) and My Gimpy Life podcast which currently new webisodes are being released.

I need to get at least four MASH podcasts completed; March 1st & 15th and April 1st & 15th and for My Gimpy Life season two, there are four episodes this season and I still have 3 more companioncast and a special "crew" episode that I will be releasing in the coming month.

In theory if I pushed myself I could edit all these podcasts over two to three days.. which would make since but my MASH podcasts can take up to six hours to edit one episode and My Gimpy Life can take a few hours for each as well and I don't have it in me to do nothing but edit podcasts for two days straight.

So today I was determined to get at least one episode of my MASH podcast and the next episode of My Gimpy Life podcast finished. I started with MASH and went to upload the actual TV episode to use the audio clips in the show (which I do for every episode) but this episode was the first two-parter 50 minute episode and it took six hours to upload which meant I couldn't use AVID for anything else.

So while this was happening I caught up on my blog and I hope to keep up on it.. at least until I go to Ireland and the UK. Not sure if I'm going to blog while I'm there (which I'm hoping I can) as I don't want to have to come back and blog 32 days of vacation. I do know that I'll be keeping a journal of my adventures just in case I can't blog everynight.

I also went out and did my daily jog and workout. Yesterday I managed to jog around the park once without stopping.. which is a huge accomplishment for me.. well today I actually shocked myself and jogged twice around the park without stopping (that's 2 miles). I also did a halfhour workout at the local workout area. It was another really good workout/jog session.

My upload was finally done and spent the next four or so hours editing the next MASH 4077 Podcast. it was no 8 and I had evening plans so I will have to do My Gimpy Life tomorrow morning before I leave to visit family.

At 8pm I got on skype with my buddy Erik, we were watching Syfy's Faceoff together at 9pm... which we have done all season. We started the night by chatting, drank some beers (Erik is teaching me how to appreciate beer and I'm actually finding several types of beer that I like). We watched Faceoff and then chatted some more.. it was 3 1/2 hours of awesome and a great way to end my night.

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