Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 11

Today I was taking a bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh, but before that I had a few hours to walk around Glasgow city center. I have to say that the people of Glasgow are not happy people. No one smiles, everyone is rushing around to get to where ever they are going. I did notice that the men are shorter in Glasgow, which made me feel more at home while walking the streets. I walked for miles, from city center to the riverside. Took a ton of pictures of this very old city. So many amazingly old buildings.

About mid day I made my way back to the hostel, packed up and headed to the bus station. The bus station was only a few miles away but when you're dragging two large suitcases it feels like forever. I made it to the bus station, managed to find someone who was able to direct me to the bus that was going to Edinburgh. I had never taken a bus like this before so I wasn't sure what to do. Found out that you paid the bus driver who would give you your ticket. I also realized that you put your bags under the bus in the cargo area. When I went to buy my ticket I said one to Edinburgh, the gentleman asked me where in Edinburgh (I think), he had a strong accent. I said excuse me. I didn't want to take to long as there was a line of people behind me waiting to get on. He said something (I think it was bus station) and I said yes. I figured as long as I get into the city I'll be good.

It was an hour bus ride, one cool thing was that the bus had wifi so I could jump online and catch up on social media. The ride was pretty uneventful. They made several stops in the city before stopping at the bus station. Once I was off I got my bags and then walked around the bus station looking for an information desk but they didn't have one. I did mange to find a map of Edinburgh so I tried to locate my hostel on it, it is near Edinburgh castle. After a half hour of looking I was starting to get a bit panicky as I couldn't find it. I didn't know how far I was or if I was going to have to take another bus or just get a taxi. Just when I started to think about getting a taxi I found the castle on the map and planned my journey.

Once outside the bus station I had to figure out which way was what. Once that was done I just started walking hoping to find where I needed to go. Like in Glasgow my hostel was about 2 miles from the bus station but with two heavy suitcases in tow it made things a bit harder.

I was so tired by the time I got the my hostel but I have to say that I immediately perked up when I went to check in as there was this extremely cute guy with this amazing accent (sounded British but could have been Australian). We chatted for about fifteen minutes while he checked me in. This was my favorite hostel so far as it's all Medieval themed since it's in view of Edinburgh Castle. It also had a huge TV room, billiards, and movie night.

I got my key and made my way to my room. I was staying in a 12 bed room (all male) and shared a bathroom with everyone on this floor (both male and female). There was only one other person in the room with me today so it was pretty nice. Had a great view out the window. Each bed is named after an undergarment. I was sleeping in Apple Catchers, the others were Edible, Crotchless, Panties, Thong, Knickers, Drawers, Jocks, Bloomers, Boxers, Pouch and G-String.

I settled into my new place as I'd be here for four nights. They had wifi but it wasn't the best since there were so many people trying to use it. But it worked from time to time.

I spent the next three hours of daylight walking around "old town" Edinburgh. This was probably my favorite part of Edinburgh as it was so old and the buildings and streets were amazing. This is also a very touristy part of the city. And the people were much happier here then in Glasgow, it might have been because the majority of them were tourist but still even the locals would smile and nod as you walked by.

I spent the evening online, trying to catch up on social media and listening to podcasts. As I mentioned there was only the two of us in the room tonight so I sleep pretty good.

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