Friday, March 28, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 14

Today is my second to last day here in Edinburgh. I walked around "new town" for an hour or so. It's amazing that in the middle of these row houses were these amazing and old looking buildings. With statutes and ornate borders around the outside. It was just so bizarre seeing these new modern homes sitting next those something so old.

I also did a test run to the Hertz car rental place. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to get there as I would be leaving tomorrow and I didn't want to have to drag my two large bags around town. I'm glad I did this test run as it took me a while to find the Hertz but once I did I knew exactly which route I was going to take.

I also picked up a map of England. Since I was driving and I wasn't going to get a GPS as it cost an extra 18 pounds a day and I would have the car for 17 days it would cost way to much money. I figured I'd just get a very detailed map and use that instead.

Picked up some lunch while I was souvenir shopping. I debated the pass few days on weather or not I would get a kilt. I figured if I would get one that it would be awesome to get one in Scotland. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that I probably wouldn't wear it that much. And the cheap ones that I found for 25 pounds were for tourists and not true kilts. Those real authentic kilts cost 2 to 3 hundred pounds and there was no way I could afford that... so I opted not to buy a kilt.

Went back to the hostel mid day and just relaxed for a bit. Around dinner time I was in the mood from some Chinese food. I had not had any kind of Chinese food since starting this adventure. I managed to find a truly authentic Chinese food restaurant. It was a small place in the middle of row houses, and could probably hold about 25 people. There were only a few other couples in there when I got there. I ordered some sweet and sour pork and some fried rice and it was so tasty. I was so happy to have found this place. Wish I would have found it sooner as I would have eaten there a few more times.

After dinner I realized that I had not seen the city at night so I decided to walk around and see what everything looked like during the evening. I took a bunch of pictures but of course my cameras aren't the best at taking pictures in low light so I don't know if they will turn out or not.

I stumbled across an art exhibition at one of the local parks. It was titled "Field of Lights" and it was extremely beautiful. The entire park was covered in this glowing orbs that would change color from time to time. It was a pretty cool site.

I got back to the hostel around 11pm and called it a night. I have a long day of driving tomorrow. This will be my first time driving on the other side of the car and road... I'm extremely nervous.

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