Friday, April 18, 2014

A Day of Rest

Well I got a full 8 hours of sleep but I'm still exhausted. I figured it will take me a while to get over the jet lag and just being on the go the past 34 days but because of the timing I can't rest as my buddy Chris is visiting for a week.

This is actually Wondercon weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I knew there would be no way I'd be able to go today. I told Chris that this would be a day of rest for me before going to Wondercon this weekend and Disneyland on Monday. He was cool with it.

So we got up and headed to the NoHo Diner for some breakfast. And just kind of relaxed. It was nice just hanging with Chris. I hadn't seen him over seven months so it was good to take some time and just catch up with each other.

In the afternoon Chris went out to lunch with our friend Jes, but I couldn't leave as I was waiting for the mail person to deliver my 30 days worth of mail. While I waited I added up all my vacation expense and was happy to see that I came in under budget. I mean I still spent a lot of money but I didn't go over my cap that I had set for myself.. so woohoo!!!

Chris then went over to Jes' place to finish his cosplay costume for Wondercon this weekend. They invited me over but my mail person had not arrived yet.. so I thought. I went down to my mail box and sure enough I had mail.. but they never delivered my backlog of mail (which is what I requested when I put in my Mail Hold form). So I jumped in the car and drove to my local post office, asked for my mail and sure enough there it was. I don't know why they didn't deliver it as requested.. but anyways I now have to go through my pile of mail.

I did get a surprise package in the mail from my buddy Ken Todd. I had done him a favor a few months back and he wanted to thank me so he got me season 3 of Sherlock and a movie that he wanted me to watch called, The Island on Top of the World. Which I'm pretty sure I have seen when I was a kid.. I look forward to checking it out. Thanks Ken for being awesome.

Chris got home and he asked me to style his hair. It's fairly long for him and he wanted to try out the "Ted Mosby" look.. which in essences is just a bit messy. So I put some product in it and did my best.. I think he looks great, but he's not so sure.

Chris and I spent the evening playing Lord of the Rings Online.. well not really playing. We've been wanting to purchase a block of houses next to each other in the Shire for our characters. Well we finally found two deluxe houses with a Kinship house in the middle, so we packed up everything and moved houses. My new address 5 Brookbank Street, Nearbank, The Shire, Middle Earth. While our Kinship house is 4 Brookbank and Chris' house is 3 Brookbank.

I miss playing LOTRO with him and even though we didn't actually do any quests it was still fun hanging in Middle Earth with him.

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