Saturday, April 19, 2014


Got up early and headed out to Anaheim Convention Center for day two of Wondercon. I was going with Chris, Jes and Dallas but planned to meet up with other friends while there.

I was not cosplaying this time, which felt weird but there was no way I was going to be able to do that since I was out of the country just two days prior. Chris was cosplaying as a large Red Five (Red Five Standing By).

We parked at the Disneyland Toy Story parking since I have a season pass to Disneyland we could park there for free (instead of $16) and it's across the street from the convention center.

We got to the con and started walking the floor. The only panel I wanted to see was the Star Wars Rebels panel. And I only planned on buying new Star Wars "Pop" figures. Well that was until I saw there was a second set of Hobbit figures as well as a set of Goonies figures. So I allotted myself enough money to purchase all of these. Now it was time to find the best deal.

As we walked the floor we ran into a few friends here and there but I knew there were a bunch of friends here that I still haven't seen. 

We grabbed some lunch at some food trucks.. the lines were super long but it actually didn't take that long to get our food.

Once we got back to the con we all split up. Chris and I went upstairs to get in line for the Rebels panel and I'm glad we were there an hour early as the line was already around the corner and out the door. There was no way we were going to make it into this panel. Luckily my buddy Doug was quite a bit further up in the line and let Chris and I cut in, so we managed to get in right before the panel started.

I'm a huge Clone Wars and Dave Filoni fan so I was super excited for Star Wars: Rebels. On the panel was Dave, another EP and one of the voice actress' who plays Hera. They showed off some cool concept art and played a clip from the upcoming series but it wasn't anything out of this world. I'm glad I went but I've seen better panels with Dave.

On our way out of the panel we ran into several more friends, then we made our way down to the showroom floor and ran into friend after friend. It was funny as I was saying to Chris when we were in the Star Wars panel.. "I see so many tweets from friends who are here but I haven't seen any of them" then wham... we run into them one after another.

I did pick up the Goonies set of five Pop figures as well as the second set of The Hobbit Pop figures. I'm holding off on buying the Star Wars ones until tomorrow.

A group of us went out for a goodbye dinner at Buca Di Beppo. Joining me for this dinner was Dallas, Chris, Brian, Anne, Nicki, Doug, and Jes. And to everyone's surprise Brian picked up the bill... thanks Brian.

I was so tired by the end of the day but we were invited up to our friend Eric's hotel room he was having a gaming party. So we stopped by and played a game of Rampage. It was a ton of fun.. lots of moving pieces and it's fun destroying a city.

It was now 10pm and we called it a night. We were coming back tomorrow to do it all over again.

The con was fun but I do wish I had cosplayed.. cosplaying and cons have become synonyms with each other. I felt out of sorts all day because I wasn't in a costume.

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