Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 33

This is my last day here in the UK, so I spent the morning planning my tube/train trip to the airport. After that was all figured out I packed up and headed into downtown London for one last time. I was using Thomas' "very expensive" camera on this trip and I didn't want to have to ship it back to him so he said I could leave it with his sister Toni who happens to work in London.

I attempted to find out place of employment but failed as I got lost (this was the worst part about not having a smart phone with GPS). I had to check out of my hostel by 11am so I had to head back. Lucky for me I found a tube that could get me back there in time.. well ten minutes late but it was all good. I asked if I could leave my luggage at the hostel as I wanted to make another attempt at finding Toni's workplace. The hostel was great and let me store my bags there.

I headed back into downtown London and attempted to find her address, this time I was successful and was able to drop all the camera at her place of work. I then grabbed some lunch and kind of wandered around the city for an hour or so just taking it all in. I made my way back to the hostel and picked up my luggage.

It took three different tubes but I found the train station I needed and booked a ticket to London Southend airport. It was an hour train ride but a nice one, I got to see some pretty and not so pretty countryside.

This was a very tiny airport and it's no wonder that nobody (friends) had heard of it before. I checked in and waited to board. I noticed that these planes were a lot smaller then the usual ones that I'm use to flying in.... they actually have propellers.

It was a good flight and I made it safely to Dublin, Ireland and had to go through customs once again. It was tough to find but I managed to take the shuttle from the airport to the hotel were I was staying for the evening before my flight out of Dublin back home in the morning.

This hotel was in the middle of no where and I was starving so I went downstairs to their one restaurant and had one of the most expensive dinners during this trip, and the food wasn't even that great.

I was exhausted, watched a bit of TV and called it an early night... tomorrow is going to be a big travel day but by the end I'll be sleeping in my own bed... can't wait!

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