Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 23

So today is my second "full" day here in Cambridge. I'm staying at my friend Erlend's place and my buddy Matt is also joining us for my visit.

We headed to the theater to see the new Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Solider. This is my first experience seeing a movie outside of the US. My first surprise was that they sell beer at their theaters. I've never heard of this before, I mean I know there are "specialized" theaters here in LA now that sell beer but not in the general theaters. The other interesting thing was the sweet popcorn. They don't really do butter and salty popcorn then do sweet popcorn... interesting.

The theater we saw the movie in was in the middle of a mall so it wasn't huge but I don't know if they have huge theaters like they do here in the US. But they did have "special" seating in the middle of the theater where you could pay extra and have larger comfier seats, which we did.

Now for the movie... I loved it. Captain America is my favorite of all the Marvel movies so I was really looking forward to seeing this. It not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I loved Black Widow in it and the addition of Falcon. I was really surprised to find out that Caps best friend Bucky was the "bad" guy.. I did not see that coming. And then of course we get the big reveal that Hydra has been hiding inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all hell breaks loose. So I really enjoyed the storyline and I can't wait to see more. This is defiantly going on my list of blu-rays to buy when it comes out. I give Captain America: The Winter Solider a solid A.

Afterward we went back to Erlends place and we watched the first three seasons of The Guild. I gave them some inside commentary while we watched. It was fun watching these episodes with some hard core Guildies and it brought back alot of the great memories that I have while working on that series.

Later in the evening Erlend, Matt and I headed out to a bar to meet up with another friend of mine whom I've been really excited to meet while in England. His name is Russell and he was with his girlfriend Emily. Russ and I meet through The Guild but I really got to know him when he did a podcast with our friend Teal Sherer. Russ is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Not to mention that he's the cutest thing ever, very charismatic, charming and with his accent he's absolutely dreamy.

So when we got to the bar he and Emily were already sitting down. I went to give him a hug and I may have squeezed a bit to hard but I couldn't help it. I've been wanting to meet him in person for a while. I was so happy when he said he and Em were coming down to Cambridge for the weekend so we could meet up.

We sat and chatted for an hour or so before heading out and going to another bar to continue our chat. We called it a night around midnight and made plans to hook up tomorrow morning just Russ and I to hangout again... I can't wait.

It was another fantastic day here in Cambridge.

Thanks to Erlend, Matt, Russ and Emily.

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