Friday, April 11, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 28

Today my plan was to start the next phase of my vacation and drive to Bromsgrove to visit my buddy Simon and his family. But there was a Torchwood convention happening in Birmingham, which is just a half hour north of Bromsgrove and several friends were going to be there. Since my visit with Markus was fantastic I figured I'd help him out by driving him up there and then I could visit with friends for a few hours before heading back south to Bromsgrove.

So we got to the hotel in Birmingham around noon and met up with Matt, Erlend, Thomas (who was working the event) and my buddy Adam (Bel) who was visiting from Sweden. I got to hang with Matt, Erlend, Markus and Bel for a few hours in their hotel room. Individually each guy is fun but when you get all four of them together, it's a mad house!! One of my favorite moments was when Bel was teaching Matt how to dance. We grabbed some lunch at the near by train station. Before I said my goodbyes and made my way back down to Bromsgrove.

I made it to my buddy Simon's house around 8pm, I met Simon via the Treks in Sci Fi podcast and forums. We hit it off instantly and became fast friends. When I started my MASH podcast I knew I wanted Simon, or Meds as we all call him, for the podcast. Happily he said yes and we are now going on over three years of podcasting.

It was awesome seeing his huge smile as I got out to the car and was welcome with a warm hug. It's funny because all these people that I'm meeting over here is for the first time but since I've been online friends with most of them for years it as though we've known each other forever and it's the same with Meds. It as though we haven't seen each other in a few weeks and are just now catching up on each others lives, it's very comfortable.

We sat around for a few hours and chatted, I got to met his wife Natalie who was also very sweet before calling it a night. Meds has some big things planned for tomorrow and I don't have clue.. can't wait.

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