Monday, December 1, 2014

Space Shuttle, Hollywood and LAX

Today Lisa, Lydia and I did more touristy things. First on our list was taking the red line to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. This is my second time seeing this magnificent ship and it still takes me breath away.

Afterwards we headed to Hollywood to check out Hollywood and Highland, and the Chinese theater and walk of fame. It's always fun going with someone who is really into Hollywood and enjoys seeing the hand and foot prints at the theater. Lisa was one of those people. We walked up and down the walk of fame checking out the hundreds of stars. We grabbed some lunch at a place in Hollywood and Highland.

Our next stop was to be Universal Citywalk but lunch wasn't agreeing with me so I opted out of that adventure. While Lydia and Lisa went to Citywalk I headed home to rest.

Before my evening could end I had to go pick up my buddy Robert and his girlfriend Cait at LAX. Their flight wasn't coming in until around midnight. I tried to take a nap before having to head out but of course it only made me feel worse. I got to the airport about a half hour early and waited in a near by parking lot for them to text them that they have landed. Of course the flight was delayed by a half hour so I picked them just after midnight, got them home around 1am and was in bed by 1:30am for some much needed rest. 

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