Thursday, December 4, 2014

Terminator, Screener & Podcasts

Today Paramount released it's first trailer for Terminator Genisys, It's officially the fifth Terminator movie but I have to say this one looks more like a reboot then a sequel. Arnold is back doing what he does best. I still haven't seen Terminator 4 as I'm not a big Bale fan but I might check it out before watching this new installment which looks pretty awesome.

I got another screener in the mail today.. American Sniper.

I know absolutely nothing about this movie. I did hear that it stars Bradley Cooper and that my brother is super excited to see it. So it must be some sort of military flick.

And finally my brother Michael and I recorded our next two Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast today. These two episodes will cover the fourth of five TV movies "Enemy Within". As always it's a blast recording with my brother. We both have a ton of fun and this one was really fun to review. These episodes will be out on Dec 10th and Jan 10th... so check them out

Side note.. I'm getting a cough.. I hope it doesn't get worse. Also I tweaked my back today putting away Christmas decorations. It wasn't as bad as my last episode but it's pretty horrible.  

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