Sunday, April 17, 2016

NerdStrong MASH Hike

Today was another awesome NerdStrong Gym outing. This time I got a group together to go hiking in Malibu Canyon and to the old MASH TV filming site. It's a nice hike, it's roughly 5 miles and takes about 2 hours to complete. Joining me for this fun hike was Shannon, Derek, Kiki, Jen, Rob, Matt, Lauren, Naomi and Jim.

It was a beautiful day, a bit warm but blue blue skies. Everyone was excited for the hike, this was a first for everyone but me (this is actually my fourth time visiting the site). This is a great hike, not to daunting and only a few inclines here and there. My favorite part of this hike is the last third of it where you are hiking between two mountains next to a stream (when there is water). It's this great trail that runs along the side of the mountain. We did run into a down tree that was lying across the hiking path. There was really no way to go around it so we had to climb through the branches to get to the other side but at the same time avoid the poison oak which was all over the place.

Once we got to the site we hung out for about a half hour, took some pictures and ate a light lunch. We then made our way back the way we came. That's one downside of the hike.. the fact that you have to hike back the same way you came, though it's a beautiful hike and always nice to see twice. I do wish you could hike back a different way.

But we made it back with no injuries and everyone really enjoyed the experience. This is the second NerdStrong Gym hike, first was Vasquez.. now Malibu Canyon.. need to plan our third one.. but where should be go?!?!?

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