Saturday, April 16, 2016

Behind On My Blog

If you're a regular reader of my blog you have noticed that I have been behind the past six months.. usually just a month but I've gotten further and further behind and I'm currently about two months behind. Of course I could just drop those two months and start new today but I just can't do that.. I've done some fun things the past two months and I want to share. This is more of a "diary" for me and I enjoy going back and re-reading parts of my life. I might skip some things just to blog faster and I know I'll skip the majority of my NerdStrong posts.. those were daily and then we weekly so I may have one or two posts about it but rest assure I'm still working out five days a week and loving it. I'm seeing improvements though slowly so I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. When I get caught up on my blog (and I will) I'll go back to my daily NerdStrong blog posts. As of now I'm going to try my best to get caught up in the next few weeks. Of course this will depend on work and my free time. I just wanted to give my regular readers an update. Thanks for reading and supporting everything I do.

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