Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Friends Movie Trailer, Sweet SW Commercial & Doctor Strange

One of my friends America Young has been working on a movie for several years, it's her first directorial debate and it's reaching it's end. They released a trailer for it.. has a kind of cool 80's vibe to it. I also happy to have a very small cameo in the film. I'll let you know when it's released but for now enjoy the new trailer.

I came across this very sweet Star Wars themed commercial. It's for a place called Kaufland which I assume from the commercial is a German department store, like a Walmart. All I know is it's an extremely sweet and touching commercial.

And I have one more trailer for you.. they Marvel released the teaser trailer for Doctor Strange. I know absolutely nothing about this Marvel character but from what I see in the trailer it looks pretty good.

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