Friday, April 15, 2016

Robert & Cait's Wedding Rehearsal

Took off work around lunchtime to head over the hill to Hollywood to pick up my tuxedo for Robert's wedding tomorrow. I was also picking up my buddy Dallas' as well. Once I got to the place the lady had me try it on to make sure everything looked good and nothing needed to be altered. Luckily everything fit nicely. I usually have issue the suit jackets because of my broad chest but this jacket actually laid down pretty good. I was very happy with the fit. After picking up my tux I headed out to Pasadena for the wedding rehearsal. That was interesting as I didn't realize that I'd be playing a role in it by holding the notes for the priest as she had to use both hands during points of the ceremony. It was an Episcopal ceremony. I'd never been to a Episcopal service and there is lots of moving around and singing and praying.. it was interesting.

Before the rehearsal I got to meet Robert and Cait's family who all flew in for the wedding. I don't really know Cait's family but I have heard alot about Robert's and I'm actually Facebook friends with Robert's mom and older sister so it was great to finally meet them in person as well as his step dad. I also got to meet Robert's Dad (who I've heard alot about) and his younger sister and brother. There were all exactly how I expected them to me.. awesome!!

After rehearsal we walked to a local restaurant to for rehearsal dinner. There was a bit of confusion at the beginning but in the end everything turned out great. We drank and ate a ton of tasty food. We were there for a couple of hours before the party broke up. The groomsmen and I got to talk about going out to an arcade, I had planned to go to an arcade during Robert's Bachelor but we ran out of time so why not do this now.. We passed a place while walking to the restaurant so all the groomsmen, ring bearer, father of the bride, Robert's younger brother and several other family members went out and played some video games for an hour or so. Afterward we walked back to our cars, I drove Chad (Robert's younger brother) back to his hotel and then headed home.. tomorrow is the big day.

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