Saturday, April 16, 2016

Robert and Caits Wedding

Today is the big day.. my best bud Robert is marrying his best friend Cait. The day started with me heading over to Robert's place in the AM to help him pack up his car and take things over to the Church/Wedding site. After unloading everything and a little bit of drama, we made our way back to NoHo for his Bachelor Brunch at a local restaurant. It was a fun brunch, we had a great waitress who Will actually improv'd with.. This was Robert's final hurrah of his single life. Afterwards we grabbed our tuxes and headed back to the church.

When we arrived we made our way to the "Grooms" room and hung up our tuxes. We then went into the reception area and started to set up. This wedding was done on a budget so it was all hands on deck. For my part I did table clothes, table numbering and place settings among other smaller things. Soon it was time to get ready so we all headed to the Grooms room and began to suit up.

People started to arrive to the church, Robert's stepdad and brother joined us in our room for a while before heading in. Soon it was our turn to head in. We met up with our counterparts (bridesmaids) and got into position. I was walking in last with the maid of honor so we watched each couple walk up one at a time. It was our turn and we slowly made our way up. It was great seeing so many friends smiling faces. During the rehearsal yesterday we all decided that we would all give Robert a kiss on the check as we passed by him, so one by one we gave him a peak.. at least I assume they did I didn't really pay attention to what was happening in front of me as I was just focusing on walking and not tripping. But I did hug and kiss Robert when I got up to him and then stood beside him.  As ring bearer George passed by me he handed me the ring and then the ceremony began as Cait who looked amazing began to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, there were lots of getting up, sitting down, walking up stairs, walking down stairs, singing and saying prayers. It's was a long ceremony but very enjoyable.. both Robert and Cait beamed. I was so happy for the two of them.

After the ceremony the wedding party and family headed over to the other side of the church to take photos. After the family was done the wedding party ran across the street to City Hall to take our pictures over there. It was alot of fun. We did your typical wedding party pictures but then there were some fun ones mixed in as well. Photos took about an hour or so but we finished and headed into the reception. We were announced as we entered the room to cheers and applause. It was great seeing several tables with friends sitting around it. I found my table and sat down.

The next several hours were a whirlwind. I did shots of Fireball Whiskey with friends in the kitchen, we chatted, danced and ate dinner. When it came time for the toast I was feeling pretty good. I hate public speaking but this was my best man duty. I had written a speech weeks prior and wrote it down on several index cards but when it came time to give the speech I was so nervous I went off card and babbled on for a few minutes. I think I covered about two thirds of my speech but folks laughed in the right places and in the end everyone said they enjoyed it. Now that the speech was over I could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. We drank a little more and danced a little more before we had to exit the hall. We had to be cleaned and out by 10pm so the party came to an end around 9pm and then family and a few friends stuck around and helped clean up the place. Afterwards a group of us headed over to a local hotel bar to drink a little more. Around 11pm I said my goodnights and got a lift home from my buddy Will.

Overall it was a crazy day filled with laughs, joy, dancing, drinking, lots of pictures, a little stress and a bunch of amazing people. Congratulations to the happy couple...

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