Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Magicians S1 Finale

Tonight I watched the season finale of season one of Syfy's The Magicians. S1 Ep13 "Have You Brought Me Little Cakes" Having traveled to Fillory, Julia and Quentin discover they've been followed by Martin Chatwin, who they promise to help. They commission a blade to help them kill the Beast, and meet the Watcherwoman, a future Jane Chatwin, who takes them to when they need to be. They rejoin the group, collect the knife, and Eliot marries a local girl as he has been named future High King. Quentin and Julia meet Ember, who gives them power and unlocks Julia's memories, revealing that her friends had accidentally summoned Reynard the Fox, who killed her friends and raped Julia. Quentin and Julia rejoin the others, who had been rescuing Victoria and discover Christopher Plover, who reveals that the Beast is Martin Chatwin. Josh and Victoria escape, and the rest travel to the source of Fillory's magic to ambush the Beast. However, Julia has taken the knife from Alice, and while the rest of them are injured, with Penny's hands cut off, Julia holds a knife to the Beast's throat. Julia makes a deal with the Beast to kill Reynard, and they leave, with Quentin the only one left standing.

First let me say that I'm glad they got picked up for a second season.  I was left in shock after watching this finale. I don't even know where to start talking about this episode. Of course everything has been leading up to this big battle with the Beast. You are lead to believe that the Beast is Christopher Plover but find out that it's Martin the molested brother of the main character Jane Chatwin. I was never a fan of Julia and what she did at the end was horrible.. I mean I understand why she did it but it was all about revenge and helping herself. It was an interesting twist to find out that they have been living the same time loop over and over again trying to defeat the beast. Of course we have the ending and everything going to hell. We don't know who is dead and all we know for sure is Quintin is alive. Since this is the last loop before the current Jane was killed so she can't start it over again I don't see how they are going to write themselves out of this one. I'm temped to read the books but I kind of like not knowing and I was told that the books are pretty different from the TV series. I guess they are combining alot of the different ideas in the books together for this series. Anyways it was a crazy ending to a pretty crazy season one. I can't wait to see what's next in season two.

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