Sunday, April 10, 2016

Renaissance Festival

Since my buddy Chris was visiting from Montana my other buddy Dallas organized a trip to the local Renaissance Festival. I had not intended on dressing up (just haven't had the time to make anything but Chris had bits an piece from his previous cosplays so I rifled through them and found a pretty great "pirate" type outfit. I really liked the red pants.. I think those were my favorite piece. And though they were a bit small around the waist (as Chris is much smaller then me) I was happy to see that they would still close and tight up. Besides the amazing red pants I wore this awesome black fluffy shirt, a cool wrap around belt with a small dagger attached and a few sizes to big boots that finished off the look. Well a hat would have really finished it off.. but I think I looked pretty good for a last minute throw things together cosplay and I could definitely see my weight lose in those clothes... I felt great.

When we got to the faire there was a bit of ticket confusion but it was quickly resolved and we entered the grounds. I've only been to the Ren Faire a few times and I missed last years but this years felt a lot larger, maybe I just didn't explore everywhere the last few times but this years I felt like it was at least a third larger then previous years. We walked around, checked out the booths and just enjoyed the atmosphere. We had a large group and that always makes it more difficult to do things. We enjoyed some meat pies, the Queen Jousting Tournament and a few of the stage shows.

Towards the end of the day I lost my group and roamed for a bit by myself. My feet were hurting in the two sizes to big boots so when my ride said they were ready to go I was all on board with that. I think we spent a total of about seven hours there. It was loads of fun and I look forward to attending next year.

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