Friday, April 15, 2016

My Workout Week

This workout week was all kinds of crazy, with Robert's Bachelor party on Saturday and Renaissance Festival on Sunday this week was a bit shorter then most of my workout weeks.

So since I missed two days on the weekend I joined in for a rare Monday workout. Mondays are strength days which I do on Thursday as well hence why I usually don't do Mondays. We started off with a pretty crazy warm up, then did 3 rounds of 10x Wall Tap Hip Hinge & 10x PVC Hip Hinge. Then we did 3 rounds of Kettlebell Pendulum Swings and 10x Banded Hinge Pull-Thrus. Then 3 rounds of Kettlebell Swing Ladder, this was 1 minute sets for 15 minutes, each set is 10x reps. The object was to start light and go heavy. I started with the lightest and ended on the heaviest. I can't believe I kettlebell swung 80lbs for 10 reps. We we finished with a TABATA :20 seconds of work, :10 seconds of rest, Jump Squats and Push Ups. I'm glad I came to workout on Monday as I really enjoyed the Kettlebell Ladder.

Tuesdays DEX workout started with a nice warm up, we then did 5 minutes of Dynamic Step Overs and 5 minutes of Dynamic Step Unders. For the main workout it was stations, 1:30 minutes of work and :30 seconds of Rest. We did 3 rounds of Split Squats, Deep Knee Bends, Medium to Tall Kneel, Deep Knee Bends to 1/2 Knell and SHIN box.

Wednesday was Coach Christy's birthday so she created this "37 is a Prime Number" Workout. After a warm up we did a 37 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). Here is what we had to do for those 37 minutes.. Plank Pulls, Push Ups, V-Ups, Slamballs and Jump Squats. None of these are to difficult but doing them over and over again is a killer.

For Thursday's workout we did a nice warm up and then some banded hip and ankle work. For the workout it was a 30 minutes of 10 Duel Kettlebell Front Squats and then 20x Explosive Box Step-Ups. After that we had a finisher of 5x :30 work :30 rest Wall Sits / Rest.

It was a good week.. though it was one less day. And the coming weekend I'm taking off as well because of the wedding but hopefully I can get a extra day in during the week.

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