Sunday, May 22, 2016

Recorded More Of The Geek Roundtable Podcast

Recorded another Geek Roundtable Podcast today. This time my guest hosts were Joey, Astrid, Robert and my former KOTG (Knights of the Guild) podcast co-host Jenni join me for this session.  Instead of doing discussions like our previous recordings today's sessions are all about debates.

For today's episodes we will be debating Harry Potter Books vs Movies, Digital Media vs Physical (DVD/Blu Ray), Favorite Star Trek Captain and Batman v Superman (not the movie, the characters in general). 

We had a some great discussions and kind of debated but I've decided that even our debates are just really good discussions. So from here on our they will be nothing but discussion of the topic. Still hoping get enough episodes in the can so I can start releasing them sometime in July (edit note, it's now looking like August). So stay tuned for more info when it gets closer to release date.

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