Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Before and After

So the picture on the left popped up on Facebook memories, on my buddy Will's timeline and I almost fell over. It's a picture of me from June 1st 2012, this wasn't a great time for me personally as I had broken up about a year earlier from a long term relationship and I had been jobless for about a year so things weren't going so well for me. And believe it or not I still wasn't at my heaviest here. Though I hate this picture it's a good reminder I where I was compared to where I am today. I took the picture on the right this morning. Besides the thinning of the face what really interested me where my eyes, they are so much bigger and brighter now. Again at the time in 2012 I didn't realize how bad my weight had gotten.. it's not until you compare pictures side to side where you can really see the difference. I know that I'll never go back to that again, I may go up and down a few pounds but I will never let me weight or my health get that bad again. I want to thank all of you who have continue to support me in my endeavor to better myself and my health.

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