Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jedi Twi-Lek Make Up Test #3

Today Shannon come over to do our final Make Up Test.. this would be test #3. We got a new air brush system as mine wasn't working properly and Shannon enjoyed airbrushing so she got her own. We had plenty of make up and picked up some black and different green to use as a high and low lights. I actually shaved for this as I wanted to do a full make up test and that wouldn't work with my beard.

This time around everything was great, no machine issues and Shannon really got into it. We did three layers of the regular green before she started the highlights and low lights. We also painted my finger nails and half way up my arms. We released that I'll have to shave them as the make up lays down better with no hair in the way.

I had purchased several different patterns as I knew I wanted a darker pattern to run down my lekku, so we started to playing around with different ones on my hands. After trying six different patterns I picked the zebra pattern as it looked the coolest and I think would look pretty awesome on my lekku.

When Shannon was done with all the highlights and low lights I put on my headpiece (lekku) and headband and checked out the semi-finished results. As I was looking at myself in the mirror an idea came to me that I would continue the pattern from my lekku onto my face. So we did tests having the pattern come down the side of my face and having one come down over my eye. I liked the look of the pattern coming over the eye. Shannon like just the one but I like things balanced so we decided to do it on both sides.

As I said this make up test went really well, Shannon had a better understanding of how to use an airbrush and I got a better idea of what my final product will look like. Can't wait for next week and SDCC!!

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