Saturday, September 25, 2010

My 40th Birthday Party

Today was my 40th Birthday Party. Since I spent yesterday getting my tattoo I spent all morning running around trying to get everything done before guests started to arrive. I got up at 7am and started cleaning. Around 9:30 I went out to put up a tent that we used at our wedding as it was suppose to pass 100 degrees here today. Lucky and unlucky we had a wind, which was great to keep it a bit cooler but man was it tough putting up the tent. A few good strong gusts and I was almost lifted off my feet trying to keep the tent earthbound. Finally at 10:30 after struggling for an hour I got he top of the tent on and secure and that's when Harry wakes up and comes out, which was perfect timing as I couldn't let go or it would fly off. So Harry held it and I nailed it to our deck, taped the joints together to make sure it doesn't move. I'm happy to say it survive and stayed up the entire time and didn't blow away.

After the tent Harry and I continued to clean the house getting down around Noon, which left me an hour to get the last minute supplies. But of course we live about 20 from a store to that's 40 minute drive time and 20 minute shopping and I still had to take a shower and get ready. Well by the time I got back several people were here and more started showing up (in the past we've set a time and people have always been at least an hour late, but this time everyone showed up at 1pm.. go figure). I quickly got the drinks and the snacks ready and managed to change my shirt (no shower). Soon more and more people arrived. I did my best to greet them and introduce them to others. Now the party was in full swing and I swore this time I would chat with every guest, even if it's just for a few minutes. Most times I am running around at parties, setting things up, cooking on the BBQ and not visiting much. Well I did get my brother to do the BBQ but I still didn't really relax and talk to everyone as planned. One time I did sit down and talk with a group someone mentioned my birthday cake.. a look of panic crossed my face as I totally forget to get me my Birthday Cake. I quickly went to my phone and started calling people who had yet arrived to see if they could pick one up. Luckily I got a hold of our reality/friend Mary who was gracious enough to pick one up for me, talk about saving the day.

Two and a half hours into the party the breeze died down and it started to get hot. We ate our burgers and hot dogs and folks were visiting. I did manage to sit down a few times and chat with some folks but something always came up or someone needed something so I did more running around. About 3 it was too hot so we decided to do cake inside the house so everyone gathered and they all sung Happy Birthday and we had some of the best ice cream cake I have ever had (don't know where Mary got the cake but I need to find out). After cake I opened gifts and around 5ish folks started to leave.

So as the party winds down I actually get to hang out and chat with some of my friends. Soon there were just a hand full and we headed out back, as it was cooler now and chatted on the deck. So I got to spend some one on one time with Troy, Luis, Will and Harry. We all chatted for hours and around 7:30ish Luis and Will took off and by 8pm Troy was gone.

The party was great, there were almost 40 people here and with those kinds of large parties it's just too hard to visiting with everyone. I did manage to talk to everyone even if it was just for a few seconds. Some people who I was hoping would stay late so we could chat had to leave early but I think everyone had fun in the end and even though I was running around doing my hosting duties I had a great 40th Birthday Party.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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