Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Water - Well Issues

Well I was heading off to bed and went to fill up my glass of water that I like to have every night and no water came out... I mean not a drop. So I went to Harry and said "guess what we have no water" so we grabbed the flashlight and headed out to our well.

Now I haven't heard the well go on ever but Harry has said he's heard it in the past early int he AM. We checked our 5000 gallon water tanks a few months back and it was full so we assumed everything was great. Well we check it again tonight and it was bone dry.. looks like our well pump hasn't been working for a while and we have absolutely no water. We went back to the well pump and the motor was still running.. it's been hours now but still it wasn't pumping water so I turned the power off.

I really don't know what is going on, I don't know anything about wells. From what I gathered it could be a malfunctioning pump or worst case serneio the well is dry and we would have to re-drill for a new well which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Can't really do anything until the morning.. But it's kind of weird not having water. Harry and went around to our cars and gathered all the half empty water bottles so we have something to drink.


Well I didn't sleep well at all.. worried about this well thing. Got up at 6:30am and waited till about 8pm to call some water people. You can actually buy water and a person will truck it in and fill up your tank (well 4000 gallons of it). So I ordered some water and it should be here in an hour or so. I also called a pump service company and they are suppose to come out and check the pump and tell me what's up. I just hope it's a pump issue and not a dry well. I'll keep you guys updated


  1. Back when I lived there, we experienced the same when they started the winery and building across Sierra Hwy. Our well lowered, because the development started using more. In the end, we just had to order water. :(

    -Jeff a.k.a. DangerShoes

  2. Don't worry Kenny... All's Well That Ends Well :) (sorry, sometimes I can't help myself).

    Hope it's just the pump, and you guys get it fixed

  3. That's crazy scary and annoying. The other day I cam across a documentary about the possibility of water becoming a valuable (and scarce) commodity in the near future. I'm going to have to watch it now.