Friday, October 1, 2010

Raising Hope

Watched the first episode of this new Fox comedy last week, I have the second episode on the DVR. If you don't what this series is about here is a brief description. Boy has sex with girl, girl is a murderer and goes to jail, girl gives birth, girl tells boy about baby, girl gets electric chair, boy gets baby girl. That all happens within the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode.

I loved this series.. it's such a funny show. I was laughing out load the entire half hour. I'm not normally into crude humor but there is something about these characters that make them endearing. The main character Jimmy (Lucas Neff) is very naive, stupid but very sweet and kind hearted, you can't help but care about him. The mom (Martha Plimpton) and dad (Garrett Dillahart) are very white trash and pretend to not care but deep down are caring and loving parents who only want the best for their son. Along with a wild cousin, crazy grandma and grocery girl rounds out a pretty funny cast.

The pilot deals with Jimmy dealing with being a Dad and boy he needs lots of help. This show has lots of sight gags, best one is towards the end when he goes to change her for the first time and he takes the diaper off and begins to gag, then they show him running out of bedroom screaming for paper towels because he throw up on the baby.. mom comes in as he is cleaning her up and takes one look at the diaper and throw up and this time they show her throwing up on the baby... if very gross but very funny. Through out the episode his parents keep telling him to give her up. But in the end Jimmy tells his mom that the entire town things he's life means nothing and for once is his life he wants to make a difference and by raising his daughter he'll make a difference in her life. It's very sweet and his mom and dad agree to help. And up to this point the baby girls name has been Princess Beyonce (baby's mom named her). But Jimmy asks his mom what he should name her and the moms say I always liked Hope.. of there you have it.. Raising Hope.

Check it out on Fox on Tuesday at 9pm

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