Thursday, September 30, 2010

My "Jason Palmer" Gallery

Well I finally got my wall up for my Jason Palmer prints. I've had some of them for five years. I knew I wanted them up on the main wall in our TV room but I wanted them all to have the same frames. So I finally got the frames and placed the six picture I had in them and they then sat in the TV room for months. Then at Comic Con this year I bought two more to add to my collection and now have 8 of his prints, actually I have another one he did of Codex but it will not be put up with these other ones. So I was tired to seeing them sitting on the floor in the TV room and decided I would put them up for my 40th Birthday party and I did just that. Took a few tries to get them the way I wanted but in the end they look great and I'm very happy that I am finally able to enjoy his wonderful prints.

You can check out or buy your own prints here..


  1. Omg.. How much for that firefly picture with those signatures? you lucky lucky bastard :)

  2. The Picture was like 40 bucks.. but I got the signatures at the very first Flanvention (Firefly Convention). I got all but Gina as she wasn't there.