Friday, October 1, 2010

My Tattoo - One Week Later

Wow it's only been a week since I got my Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest tattoo and it's looking great. Yes it's killing me because it's so itchy but I've been good and have avoided scratching. I have also been putting lotion on it as instructed.. got a few more days of that still. I do hope the itching stops soon. On day three it started to peel pretty bad. Every time I put lotion on it I would pull dead skin off.. you do worry about it but they did tell me this would happen. The top skin is dead and flakes off but the color is so deeply into the skin that you don't lose it. I added a picture that I took today so you can see how nice it still looks. I'm extremely happy with it and I am looking forward to getting my second one sooner then later but man it is a lot of work to make sure it turns out great. But I guess anything worth having takes work.

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  1. I love your tattoo, I decided to get one like this one week ago when I saw all Harry Potter's films one after one (omg that was crazy!). I'm so sad because of the end of the books... and I think this tattoo is the best - it represents perfectly Harry Potter world.