Saturday, December 11, 2010

My New Tattoo

Today I got up early and left my house around 9:30am to get to my brother's by 11am for the next Tattoo party he was having. Our friend Moose (Joesph) comes over to my brothers house and does tattoos for all those who want them. He charges $60 an hour and if you know tattoos, that's a fantastic price. Well a little over a month ago I got my Hogwarts tattoo and loved is so when I heard he was going another party I had to get my second one.

Well I got there first and waited for Moose to show up. A few other people came and finally Moose arrived. He set up and thought it's first come first serve, meaning I should go first I was a nice guy (as always) and allowed not one, not two but three ladies go in front of me. One was getting a fairly quick baseball and bat tattoo, while a daughter and mother were getting pink ribbons. So what I thought would be a 3 hour delay turned into a 5 hour delay and we didn't start my tattoo until 5:15pm. I didn't plan on being there all day but it turned into a all day thing.

So he copied the picture I wanted and placed it on my leg. Only did it twice to get it just right. He then started to tattoo and I don't know if I pushed the horrible memories of my first experience out of my head but man did it hurt. It might have been the location but everyone kept telling me that my calf wouldn't hurt as much as my arm.. boy were they wrong. I'm lucky I had a pillow that I could bury my face into as I would have screamed out in pain. 

He finished the outline and I got a quick break and then went in for coloring and once again the pain was back. This coloring wasn't as bad as doing the outline but again this coloring had some of the worse pain I've every felt.

In the end it took 2 hours to complete and I can't believed I survived it but the final product is BEAUTIFUL and a great addition to my tattoo collection.

I will say that I don't expect me to be getting any more tattoos for a while. Still have 3 more to go (Star Trek, Firefly and Lord of the Ring) but I think I'll wait a bit for the memory of the pain to leave me.. it's gonna take a while.


  1. Congratulations :) One is never enough, just got my 8th one (stargate symbol), and thinking of getting the Babylon 5 logo early next year =)

    Is the star trek one going to be next? where are you going to put it?

  2. Very awesome! What are you going to get for your Firefly one? I've been pondering something to commemorate my love for Mal. ;)

  3. @Erlend.. not sure if Star Trek will be next, haven't decided on what I want to get yet. But I do know it's going on my left calf.

    @darkhorseonline I'm not sure yet about what I went to represent Firefly. I was thinking Serenity.. always loved that ship. But then I thought maybe the Fruity Oaty Bar girls. .that would be more of a "inside" tattoo.. only Firefly fans would get it.