Tuesday, January 4, 2011

V - Season 2 Premiere

Watched the premiere of season 2 of the re-imagined sci fi series V. I was a huge fan of the original miniseries/TV series back in the 80's and enjoyed the first season of this new series. The first half of season one had it's ups and downs but the last three or four episodes really ramped up the action and excitement, so much so that I've been looking forward to the premiere of season 2.

I have to say it didn't disappoint.. the story picks up 4 days after the finale of season 1 and in the first 10 minutes you get an OMG moment when Anna uses her tail and kills one of her captains, but before she does she rips off his face (human skin) and exposes the reptilian face.. AWESOME. Again in the first 10 minutes you get a pretty good look at half human/ half alien baby that was born last season and you find out it's a she.

The remaining hour is filled with one revelation after another.. Anna killing her remaining offspring, Joshua is back but they wiped of his memory, Erica questioning that the V's may have done something to Tyler when she was pregnant. chad Decker wanting to join the resistance but I'm not sure he's on the up and up. Introducing a new character (scientist) and seeing a skeleton of a V that was found on Earth 50 years ago... so may answers in one episode it was fantastic... and the tension continues grows and grows as the story ramps up for what is sure to be a wild ride.

But the one scene that had me jump for joy and scream out YES!!!! was the introduction of Anna's mother Dianna down in the bowls of the ship..  It's done as this big reveal, as she slowly gets out of some sort of cocoon chair and is in darkness until she moves forward into the light and it's revealed to be Jane Badler (the original Diana and Queen V from the 80's series). It was a totally AWESOME moment for those of use you watched the original and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Diana.

I so can't wait to see where this series goes..

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  1. aah, now the ending makes sense.. I was like "ok, she has a mother, big deal" :) Haven't seen the original series.