Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Blown Away!!!

So if you are a regular follower of my tweets, facebook or blog you'll know that my podcasting equipment was stolen on the last day of San Diego Comic Con. Well several folks/friends approached me about doing something about it, Brian suggested a Kickstarter project which I like and he just ran with it. Next thing I knew we had some pretty sweet rewards to offer and over the next two weeks Brian, Teresa and I worked on getting this Kickstarter project going. Well it launched at midnight tonight and I was worried that I asked for too much that I wasn't going to able to make the $2500 goal in 21 days.

Well five minutes after I had posted it, I had 3 backers and my total was $350. So I went to bed feeling pretty good about this. Got up this morning and I had 16 backers and my total was $830 and as I was getting ready for work it went up to $1020. I was almost halfway there and it had only been eight hours. When I got to work at 10am my total was up to $1380, and I was getting a ton more backers.. then around 11am someone purchased our big ticket item for $650 and that gave me a total of $2030. By noon I was just a few hundred away from my goal of $2500 then someone purchased one of the $400 rewards and that did it.. that pushed me pass my goal and I'm currently at $2630.

This project funded in 13 hours.. AMAZING!!! I am totally blown away and overwhelmed by the support I have received. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and my little podcasts. With these funds I'll be able to buy new and even better podcasting equipment.

We still have lots of great Guild / Knights of the Guild rewards to give a way. If you want to make a donation please do so. The additional money will go to upgrading equipment and paying for URL's and websites.

Thanks again everyone!!!

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  1. I <3 Guildies. :) I was distracted today so got my contribution in later, but I still glad to help. And happy that you'll be up and running in full-force soon!