Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visiting Family

Today Harry and I went to visit my family. This was Harry's last time visiting them before he heads back to Austria. We did our routine and picked up my Dad and took him to our favorite Chinese restaurant called Hong Kong. We then went back to my brothers house and hung out with my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew. I played with Kenobi, he just loves the iPad so when I brought mine in he had to play with it as well. We played games for about an hour and then he found the Photobooth app and we had a little fun.

Harry said his goodbyes (for the final time) and we made our way home. It seems like everything Harry does this week will be his last. Last time he had to drive to my Dads, last time he is going to eat Hong Kong and Miguel's Jr. (which we picked up for dinner later that day). Last time he'll visit with my family. Lot's of last times. :(


  1. Photobooth is way too much fun. The hours you can waste away distorting your face!

  2. Harry; Sorry to hear your going back home. We wish you a safe trip. Thanks for being part of our family. Sorry it did not work out for the two of you. Take Care Aunt Marsha

  3. There will alot of first coming....