Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family, Emmy's & Goonies

Today was a fun day, got up around 8am did a little editing, I cut in the Greg interview I did last night so now Knights of the Guild companioncast S5E9 is done. I'll do one more polish pass just to make sure everything sounds as good as it can and then will create the shows notes and release it on Thursday.

I then went over to my brother's house to visit my Dad, we talked about his health, no sign of cancer, but still have two more chemo treatments just to be safe then they work on getting his red and white blood cell numbers back up. We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant Hong Kong. Then I took him food shopping. When we got back to the house my brother had left and locked up and as always my Dad didn't have his key so we were locked out. Texted and called my brother but no response and finally half hour later I got on the roof and broke in through my Dad's opened window.  All in all it was a nice visit.

After the visit I headed over to my friends Leo and Andrew's new house out in Van Nuys. They were having an unofficial house warming (real one will be in a few weeks when the other two roommate arrive) but for now it was a small group. When I go that Leo, Andrew and Scott were upstairs watching the beginning of the 2011 Emmy's so I joined in. About half way into the Emmy's another of Andrew's co-workers joined us and towards the end of the Emmy's. The Emmy's were fun and entertaining. It was fun watching them with a group of friends. There was some surprises and some obvious wins, but over all they are good.

Scott who just moved here from the east coast is in his early 20's and hasn't seen really any of the awesome 80's movies, like Last Starfighter, Princess Bride, Original Trilogy Star Wars (which we will fix next weekend) but also Goonies (both Andrew and I got the 25th Anniversary edition blu ray that came out a few months back. So we watched it after the Emmy's. It looked incredible in all it's HD glory. It was fun to watch this classic move from my younger years with someone who has never seen it. Scott seemed to really enjoy it and is up for watching other classic 80's in the future. Gonna be some good times. I had to head home as it was late and I live about 45 minutes north of them and have to work early tomorrow, but the guys stayed to play the Goonies board game that came with the boxset.

It was good day... got to spend some time with my Dad and with good friends.. couldn't ask for anything better.

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