Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Day at Work??

Well today is "officially" my last day at work.  I say "officially" as I will have to come in a few days next week to finish some thing off. But it will as few hours as I can possible manage. Today was stress filled as expected and maybe because I was expecting it, it didn't effect me as much. And the fact that I knew I was coming back for a few days helped me not panic about not finishing everything.

Also tonight is the night before my big Star Wars Marathon / 41st Birthday Extravaganza. Though I was uber busy all week I did manage to get everything done during the week, which makes me very happy. My friend Jes came down from SF area to join us in the festivities. She got to my house around 10pm. We chatted but both were extremely tired (her seven hour drive, and my stressful work day). So we called it a night. Can't wait until tomorrow and this, what I hope to be, fun filled weekend.

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