Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time at the Barnyard

Today I went to Greg Aronowitz's house aka The Barnyard. He is currently working on four different projects and needed some help. So I got up at 8am and headed over there. When I got there they were in the middle of working on stuff for Minecon which is happening in a few days in Las Vegas. The first thing I worked on was a chicken. Minecon is a convention for the game MindCraft. That world is made of little boxes (kind of like 8 bit). So of course my chicken was made up of a ton of little boxes, each needed to be painted. When I finished the chicken I moved on to three sets of chicken feet. All I had to do there was paint them yellow, which took several coats because they were made of metal.

My buddy Anthony should up which I did not expect and later in the day my buddy Chris drove down to work the next three days so he could get in to MineCon. After the chickens I moved on to human arms and those took me the rest of the day to complete. Who have thought drawing out boxes and painting them would be such hard work.

14 hours later I was exhausted, I hated leaving everyone as they had days of work left to do but my body isn't use to standing for 14 hours bend over a table painting. And though it was hard work it was alot of fun hanging out at the Barnyard.

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