Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Weekend

Wow.. what a crazy, fun, extremely busy weekend. But my favorite part of the weekend is I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people. On Saturday we went out to dinner to Denny's but one of my friends (Anthony) didn't show up and we started to worry. Well two hours into our dinner we got a call from our friend him and he informed us that he was in the hospital and was hit by a car. My heart dropped. I mean he rides a motorcycle and we were joking about him ending in up in some ditch and then come to find out he was in some ditch :( He texted me that he might need a ride home and of course I said yes and headed over to the Hospital, joining me we my friend Kim. When we got to the Hospital but they would only allow one of us in there and Kim was kind enough to let me go.

When I got to his room there was a nurse tending to his wounds. He had a HUGE bump on his head (mild concussion) along with several bruises and abrasions. His arm, knee and knuckles were scraped up and he broke several bones in his foot, but other then that he was okay. Nurse told me that he needed to be watched the next 48 hours and also needed to be woken up during the night to make sure everything was okay.

Got him back to my car and said our goodbyes to Kim. As we were heading to his place I asked if he had anyone to watch over him and he said he had roommates but they wouldn't be able to check up on him so I offered for him to stay with me so I can keep an eye on him and that's what we did. Got him home, he showered all the blood off and went to bed around 11pm. I finally feel asleep around midnight and set my alarm to get up at 3am to check on him and then again at 6am as we both needed to be somewhere early on Sunday.

Got up at 3am and checked in on him and he was awake as his hand as hurting. Everything seemed to be okay with him so I went back to bed. Got up at 6am and got ready for the day. Had another crazy, fun and busy day. We found out more about Anthony's accident as he doesn't remember anything. Come to find out that the woman made a u turn in front of him, so it was her fault. But she did stay and called 911.  Afterward the fun day a group of us went out to dinner in Hollywood at Umami Burger... cool place, kind of trendy and very expensive but the burgers were pretty good. Afterwards I dropped off several friends in the Hollywood area and then Anthony and I headed back to my place. He was staying with me again so I can keep an eye on him and I was going to take him home on Monday. One positive from Anthony's weekend stay, at least for me, is I got to know him alot better... and I have to say he's one interesting guy.

Only downside to this weekend was I lost one of my SD cards which had several hundred pictures :( I hate losing pictures.

So it was a fun filled, hospital visiting, yummy dinners and great company kind of weekend.

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