Friday, September 14, 2012

My Friday Night

After a crazy day at work I offered to pick up my bestie Will from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), he was visiting family out in Florida. Previously during the day I had lunch with my other bestie Robert and he was feeling a bit blue  and since he live on the way to LAX I suggested that I pick him up and we both to greet Will. So I stopped by Roberts place, picked him up and we headed to LAX. It's tough to judge how long it will take to get somewhere in LA because of the unpredicable traffic and I miss judged it and we got to the airport a half hour before Will even landed. We sat in Roberts car chatting and listening to much. Will's plane finally landed and we headed to the terminal to greet him. About fifteen minutes later there was Will's smiling, bearded face.

We loaded him and his stuff up into the car and headed out to dinner. I choose Bossa Nova for dinner. It's not a place I eat at regularly but they have some very yummy food. We spent the next few hours chatting, laughing and having a great time. Told them I should record our conversation for later use as some of the stuff we talk about it so crazy and very geeky.. it's always a good time.

Once dinner was over to dropped off Robert at his place and then headed over to Will's. Since I picked him up from the airport I asked if I could crash at his place because I was going to Comikaze Con tomorrow and needed help with applying my Hobbit ears.  Of course Will said he would help so when we got to his place we unloaded all my cosplay stuff into his bedroom. It was late and I was tired but Will and I rarely get "alone" time, just he and I.. one on one. So we laid there in his bedroom and just chatted until about 1:30am when we finally went to sleep.

Though the day started off rocky with work it ended on a very high note. This weekend.. Stan Lee's Comikaze Con.. can't wait.

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